David Carlucci on NYC Migration FOX NEWS

There is so many things President Biden can do regarding immigration in NYC. Congress on the other hand holds the power of the purse to increase funding for NYC's efforts. However, Congress Republicans refuse to help in order to make Biden look bad!

Carlucci: "You Can't Vote for a Generic Candidate" | FOX News September 4, 2023

Thank you, FOX News for having me on to discuss the 2024 Republican candidate pool and how a third-party GOP candidate would only muddy up the waters for the Republicans. Despite high polling for the no-name No Labels candidate, voters will not actually turn out for a third party once a name is put on the ballot. Potential candidates such as Larry Hogan and Joe Manchin might only rack in 1-2% of the vote as seen in historical data. This is not enough to win the presidency, but it is enough to spoil a neck-to-neck race for either party. 

Carlucci On McConnell and the US as an Aging Country on FOX

Instituting term limits into the Constitution would be throwing the baby out with the bath water. To change anything, we would need a Constitutional Amendment (which is unlikely in today's political climate). In 2023, the United States is the oldest it has ever been from its Congress, its President, and its population. Kicking legislators out because of their age would be both discriminatory and a disservice to those that they represent.

David Carlucci Gives His GOP Candidate Predictions on FOX

With the current state of things, the GOP's chances are not looking too bright in 2024. The trailing Republican candidates want to beat Donald Trump, but can't talk bad about him! Then, we have former President Trump avoiding the debate because he is "too good" to debate. Whether they are on the debate stage or not, Republicans must talk to the American people about their issues, not their legal woes and not Hunter Biden.

"The Hunter Biden Issue is like Catnip for Republicans" Senator Carlucci on Fox News

The Hunter Biden issue is like catnip for Congressional Republicans. Honestly, as a political consultant, I feel bad for Republicans who cannot stop talking about the "Biden Crime Family". Throughout this entire investigation, there has been zero evidence tying President Biden to any criminal activity. Nevertheless, Republicans persist and inevitably make their 2024 chances worse.

Former Senator David Carlucci Analyzes Hunter Biden Special Counsel on Fox

Donald Trump made a huge mistake not appearing on the debate stage last week. The former President's confidence in himself blinds him from the fact that the world is changing and with it the American political landscape. I think we have seen a peak in Trump's political career. He already fell down 6 points after the GOP Debate. With more indictments and fewer public appearances, Donald Trump's numbers might be falling into the double digits.

Former Senator David Carlucci Analyzes Hunter Biden Special Counsel on Fox

The DOJ appointed a special counsel for the Hunter Biden case to keep politics out of the investigation. Politically speaking, this action should not loom over President Biden's policy win streak. There has been no proof of wrongdoing by the President; only proof that his policies are working and that they are popular.

Senator Carlucci On the Political Effect of Hunter Biden Special Counsel

The DOJ appointed a special counsel for the Hunter Biden case to keep politics out of the investigation. Politically speaking, this action should not loom over President Biden's policy win streak. There has been no proof of wrongdoing by the President; only proof that his policies are working and that they are popular.

Former NY Senator Carlucci On Gendered Online Harassment Faced by VP Kamala Harris | Faulkner Focus

There have been numerous studies that show female politicians are harassed online far more than their male counterparts. In fact, on Facebook alone, Democratic female politicians are ten times more likely than males to be harassed. The relentless bashing against VP Harris supports this evidence. Republicans would rather criticize the Vice President for her televised gaffs and "word salads", but rarely her policy achievements. No one can deny that Kamala Harris is doing the job she was elected to do.

Carlucci: "Gavin Newsom is Too Smart to Challenge President Biden" 

Governor Gavin Newsom is running for President - just not this year. Governor Newsom is too smart to challenge an incumbent President and muddy up the Democratic ticket. Still, he will be debating with GOP silver medalist Ron DeSatnis. This debate is a great opportunity for Newsom to poke holes in DeSantis's lack of a political platform and also show face for a future campaign.

Carlucci on New Trump Charges: "Playing the Trump Card is Easier than Go Fish" Fox and Friends

I am ecstatic to have been invited to come to the studio for Fox & Friends and give my reactions to the new charges against former President Trump. Seeing the twice-impeached President get indicted yet again is a great attention grabber, but not a solid topic for winning a presidential election. To win 2024, Democrats must drive straight down the road of policy, not scandal. President Biden has already shown to be an effective leader, fogging up his achievements with Donald Trump's legal woes will not help the Democrats.

David Carlucci: "Spoiler Alert: A Third Party Won't Ruin 2024 for the Democrats" | Fox July 13, 2023 

Democrats have seen this one before. Third-Party candidates cannot ramp up enough support to act as spoilers for the Democrats. Sure, Jill Stein found a base for Democrats unwilling to vote for Hillary Clinton; but, Democrats are far more united today under President Biden than they were 7 years ago. 

Carlucci on FOX 2024 Candidate Poll | Fox News July 3, 2023

Regardless of what you think of former President Trump, we can all see that he has been masterful at digging in support from the Right. However, his mastery is a double-edged sword. While Trump has acquired a strong base in his own party, he distances himself from the independent voters necessary to win the general election. Because of this, the former President has been on a losing streak ever since taking the Oval Office in 2016.

Senator Carlucci Dissects NBC Poll on VP Harris' Popularity | Fox News June 27, 2023

Thank you, Fox News for inviting me to dissect a recent NBC poll reporting the popularity of Vice President Harris and other notable politicians. Looking deeper at this poll, VP Harris has better numbers than Donald Trump and Mike Pence and basically ties with Ron DeSantis. It is a completely false narrative to claim that Harris is "not doing her job". The Vice President is tied with John Adams for casting the most tie-breaking votes in the Senate. Without VP Harris, many of the Biden Administrations' trademark policy victories would not have gotten off the ground. Like many Vice Presidents before her, Harris does not get the credit she deserves.

Former Senator Carlucci Talks Biden with Lawrence Jones | Fox News June 17, 2023

Thank you, Lawrence Jones, for inviting me on your show to talk about the President's recent comments to news reporters. President Biden's harsh remarks to a news reporter last week were a sad exception to the President's usual kind candor and transparency to the media. In the future, the President needs to do better and act more presidential - especially when he is juxtaposed with the hostile character of former President Trump.

Former Senator Carlucci on the Historic Severity of the Debt Ceiling Debate | Fox News May 29, 2023

Thank you Fox News for having me on to speak about the historic severity of the debt ceiling crisis. Many Americans are unaware of the impact the United States will face if the federal government does not reach an agreement on the debt limit. Despite a small interruption during the War of 1812, the country has never defaulted on its bills. As the leader of the global economy, defaulting would mean much more than a short government shutdown. We would see an economic recession and potentially a depression, not to mention the loss of millions of jobs across the country. Despite the clear dangers of not raising the debt ceiling, leading Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have advocated for Speaker McCarthy to step away from the negotiation table. Their remarks show that both individuals will do anything to pander to their audience and that they are unfit to serve as President of the United States. There is nothing wrong with budget negotiations during the appropriations session, but taking the country's bills hostage to cut spending is a new low in the Republican playbook.

Former Senator Carlucci on President Biden's Age | Faulkner Focus May 4, 2023

It was great to be in the studio with Harris Faulkner to provide commentary on Ted Cruz's recent comments about President Biden's age. To begin, I do not believe Ted Cruz has the medical background to diagnose the President on video footage. Republicans believe the President should take a competency test to run for 2024, but forget to realize that it is the people's responsibility to determine his fitness for the job.

Carlucci Talks Immigration of Fox News | Fox News May 6, 2023

I was on Fox News sharing my input on President Biden's immigration policy. Many politicians are saying that immigration is their number one issue, but it seems like it is only their number one talking point. President Biden on the other hand has passed comprehensive immigration legislation. He is doing all he can do without bi-partisan support from Congress. Because of Congress's lack of unity, the President has relied on the outdated Title 42 protocol to control immigration at the Southern Border. Congress must work together now to ensure the safety of those in the United States and immigrants trying to live here.

Carlucci Talks DeSantis 2024 | Fox News April 27, 2023 

Last week on Fox I was brought in to share my input on Ron DeSantis's failed attempts to take the national stage without even announcing his campaign. Things are looking grim for DeSantis right now, even though he is not officially a candidate. Donald Trump is attacking the Florida Governor from all angles while his endless crusade against "wokeism" has landed him in a legal battle with Mickey Mouse. All of this has culminated in DeSantis fading to the background of the Republican lineup. It can be assumed that his 2024 campaign will be short-lived if it happens at all. 

Carlucci Comments on the 2024 Democratic Primary | Fox News May 18, 2023

Yesterday on Fox, I broke down the surprising support behind RFK Jr.'s 2024 campaign. President Biden has nothing to worry about when faced with the likes of RFK Jr. during the Democratic Primary. RFK Jr. got his 19% support in the polls before he even shared his platform, most likely due to the fact he is a Kennedy! Once Democrats actually see his platform, I do not think RFK Jr. will do as well in the primary. In fact, he has a much better chance of running in the Republican Primary with his talking points!

David Carlucci Supports the Future of Military Technology | Fox News April 27, 2023

I am very proud to have been on Jesse Watters Primetime last week to share the importance of investing in the future of military technology - which is electric. We are in trouble if China can develop a technologically advanced electric tank before the United States. Besides being better for the environment, electric tanks could hold a tactical advantage over diesel-powered vehicles. In the grand scheme of things, a small $10 billion investment into the military would have a massive payout in the environment and on the battlefield.

David Carlucci: "To Talk Just for the Sake of Talking is NOT a Virtue" | Fox News April 25, 2023

Yesterday on Fox News, I explained that communication has changed in the 21st century. Although President Biden does not involve himself with as many press conferences as former Presidents, he has strategically chosen to place all his effort on direct communication through social media. Instantaneous, unfiltered information should always be favored over scripted press conferences.

David Carlucci on a 2024 DeSantis Presidential Campaign | NewsMax April 24, 2023 

Ron DeSantis has one problem before he can claim the nomination: Donald Trump. Republicans, even Florida politicians, rally behind the former President.

David Carlucci on Senator Tim Scott's Exploratory Presidential Committee  | NewsMax April 12, 2023 

I give a lot of credit to Senator Scott for exploring the possibility of running for President. However, if Senator Scott wants to win the GOP primary, he will have to stand up against Donald Trump, not President Biden. However, doing so will alienate the South Carolina Senator from the Republican base rallying around former President Trump. 

David Carlucci on Republican Criticism of Biden and Media  | Fox News April 11, 2023 

President Biden and his team have been transparent in communicating his day-to-day activities. Sometimes divisive issues make an exact answer impossible to communicate during a press conference. Although President Biden has not held as many press conferences throughout his first term, at least he is far more welcoming and supportive of the press, unlike former President Trump.

David Carlucci on the Loss of American Values | Fox News March 27, 2023 

Since the 90s, Americans are not afraid to ask questions and stand up against authority. Between empty promises from politicians to lies about weapons of mass destruction, it is only understandable that we have become skeptical of politicians on both sides. Fortunately, although President Biden is not perfect, he has shown to work for the country's best interest even through turbulent times. Let us hope that future Presidents will continue this work and elevate Americans' views on their country.

David Carlucci on Ohio Train Derailments | Fox News March 6, 2023 

Now with two train derailments within a month, Congress needs to act quickly and pass legislation that holds railroad companies accountable. Driven by corporate greed, these companies have jeopardized the safety of Ohio citizens and Americans in the vicinity of over 1,000 derailments per year according to the FRA. To better support public health, we need to expand the term “high-hazard flammable train” to include more trains and also require all train cars to be modified with anti-derailment features. This might be expensive for rail companies, but their cost will never exceed the cost of public health. Secretary Buttigieg has been transparent about his work ever since the first derailment early last month. He admits that although he neglected the performative side of his job (visiting the site), he has been working diligently to enact policy that will deter these things from happening again. However, once the area was safe, he did visit the derailment site- unlike most Transportation Secretaries. Buttigieg did not see this as a “political” event, but more as a pressing issue to s but olve through policy. Yet Republicans have set an imaginary standard for him fueled by their 2024 ambitions and preexisting biases against Buttigieg. Buttigieg did not visit because Trump did, Trump visited to take a jab at Buttigieg. 

David Carlucci on Fox: "The Best Way to Campaign is to Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Your Job Done" | Fox News February 27, 2023 

When an incumbent is running for reelection, voters want to see results, not campaign theatrics. In order for President Biden to win in 2024, all he has to do is continue fulfilling the needs of the American people. Critics say that voters prefer any other candidate over President, but if you look at the polls, Biden has the greatest chance of beating any Republican opponent in the general election. Biden's consistency and effectiveness will carry the Democrats to a successful 2024. 

David Carlucci on Immigration Reform "Let's Talk About What We Can Do And Work Together."  | News Max February 25, 2023

President Biden has had an immigration reform since his first day in office. It is going to take compromise on both sides to get to the root of the problem, not playing political theatre, pointing fingers, and impeaching a cabinet member.

David Carlucci on Biden Extending Public Health Emergency | Faulkner Focus January 11, 2023

Last night on the Faulkner Focus, I shared some insight on the importance of President Biden's 90-day extension of the COVID-19 public health emergency. Everybody is experiencing Pandemic fatigue and wants to know if and when it will be truly over, but there is no precedent to follow to guide us to that conclusion. Therefore, the President needs to be extremely cautious when introducing and removing COVID-related protocols in the US. Just because we are done with COVID does not mean that COVID is done with us.

David Carlucci's Speculation on Kevin McCarthy's Speaker Bid | Fox News December 31, 2022

Kevin McCarthy has a tough road ahead of him between taking the Speaker seat. With only four votes to spare, he has a lot of maneuvering that he needs to do before the vote next Tuesday. But at the end of the day, it is concerning to see the extreme right's grip on McCarthy and how this could inherently shift all public policy drastically to the right next year. Things are not looking good for the Republicans and the country as a whole.

David Carlucci on New York City Crime | Fox News December 29, 2022

Home to nearly 9 million people, New York City is one of the most densely populated cities in the country. Because of this, it is only probable that horrific cases of criminal activity will occur within the city. These events are not representative of what is happening in New York. Since Mayor Adams came into office, murders are down 12% and shootings are down by 17%. New York City remains one of the safest cities even as crime is up around the United States.

David Carlucci Talks the Importance of the PACT Act | Fox News December 17, 2022

Recently on Fox News, I tackled President Biden's recent statements about his visits to the Middle East and the importance of the PACT Act. The speech the President gave at a National Guard center named after his late son, Beau, reflects Biden's dedication to our veterans and his mission to ensure their safety while in service and at home. The bi-partisan PACT Act is a historical piece of legislation expanding healthcare for veterans, especially those exposed to toxic substances during their service. When politicians get out of their own way and focus not on what is the Democratic or Republican way, but instead on what is right for the people, we see amazing results like the bi-partisan PACT Act. Please inform a veteran you know about the benefits of the PACT Act, it can literally save their life!

David Carlucci Provides Input on Senator Joe Manchin's 2024 Ambitions | Fox News December 16, 2022

Today I was on the Faulkner Focus debating against speculation about Senator Joe Manchin's chances in 2024. Currently, some believe that Joe Manchin will follow Senator Krysten Sinema and leave the Democratic Party due to his tendency to choose the needs of his constituents over party uniformity. The Democrats are a big party and Joe Manchin has proven to be an independent member of that camp. Manchin's independence, however, should not be the cause for concern for the Democrats. His keenness to debate his fellow Democrats on the issues is not only healthy for the party's platform, but for the policies that impact each and every one of us.

David Carlucci on the Faulkner Focus | Fox News December 2, 2022

Yesterday on the Faulkner Focus, I explained President Biden's chances of winning in 2024. Although the President does not have the highest approval rating, he has been tested, tried, and evaluated repeatedly- and proved to be an effective leader. Biden mediates between the two extremes in the US, leading to the best outcomes for all parties. Ron DeSantis is favorable right now, but he has a long haul in front of him. Potentially facing off against Donald Trump, DeSantis is in the position for a brutal campaign cycle, creating an uproar of infighting within the Republican Party. Overall, backing President Biden is critical for securing the Democratic win in 2024.

David Carlucci Discusses SCOTUS Immigration Case and Twitter Regulation | Fox News November 29, 2022

Last night, I was on Fox reflecting on the Supreme Court's recent hearing on President Biden's federal immigration policy and several Southern states' issues with contentions with it. The Executive Branch's main purpose is to enforce the laws and protect our country. Possibly overturning the White House's decision to execute specific immigration policies would be an extreme detriment to this charge. Not only that, but the Republicans' desired policy requires resources that the Department of Homeland Security seriously lacks. We cannot enforce stricter immigration laws on over 11 million undocumented immigrants if we do not have the staff to enforce them. 

David Carlucci on the Southern Border and the Hunter Biden Investigation | Fox News November 22, 2022

Today, I was on Fox News discussing President Biden and Congress Republicans' differing stances on border security and immigration reform. There is no question that the United States requires a secure border. But at the same time, we must reform the current inhumane immigration policies that lead to a flux of people taking the dangerous trek over the border illegally. Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans have shown little to no interest in a bipartisan immigration plan, choosing to point fingers instead.

David Carlucci on the Lessons from the 2022 Midterm Elections | Fox News November 17, 2022

This year, Republicans and Democrats both learned to be aware of the extremes in their party. Not only does this cause infighting, but also the American people prefer compromises. Luckily, President Biden has done a superb job at bridging those differences and delivering results for Americans.

David Carlucci Talks Midterms on the Faulkner Focus | Fox News November 7, 2022

One day before the Midterm Elections, I was on Fox News discussing the Democrats' strategy and possible performance come Tuesday. As a Democrat, I have been concerned about the midterms knowing that historically they can be devastating for presidents and their parties. However, this midterm cycle has surprised me. Seeing how close the Democrats are fairing in the polls and the number of early voters truly showcase President Biden and the Democrats' work towards taking the initial steps against inflation and also preserving the rights of every American.

Rafael Mangual Responds to David Carlucci's Stance on Cash Bail | Fox News November 3, 2022

Earlier this week, I defended Governor Hochul's cash bail policy reform on Fox News. No data shows cash bail to be the actual perpetrator of rising crime in New York. However, not everyone thinks this. Check out this clip to hear Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Rafael Mangual's analysis of the data.

David Carlucci on New York Crime and Cash Bail Reform | Fox News November 1,  2022

When talking about legal reform, one thing must stay true: justice is blind. It is absurd that some individuals await their trial in jail while on the other hand, those who have been accused of the same crime get to spend time with their families - just because they can afford it! Cash bail reform is necessary for maintaining a fair and equitable criminal justice system within New York. There is no proof that it creates a "revolving door" for violent offenders is jumping the gun. No data proves that cash bail reform is the sole contributor to the nationwide surge in crime. Instituting cash bail will not solve crime, finding the root causes and investing in proper emergency services will.

David Carlucci on Biden, Big Oil and Inflation | Fox News November 1,  2022

It is about time that President Biden tells big oil companies that enough is enough. These companies have made record profits this year, and only plan to "give back" through dividends! I commend the President for telling these companies that it is about time they pay their fair share for the American people and to help relieve that nationwide economic burden. Inflation is always an incumbent killer during the Midterm Elections, but President Biden's work must be recognized by voters. Fortunately, under the President's leadership, the United States is in a much better economic situation compared to other countries around the globe. 

David Carlucci on President Biden's Mental Health | Fox News, October 24, 2022

I agree with President Biden when he says that age should be somewhat of a concern, but showing up and taking action is really what characterizes a President. And this is what we have seen from President Biden. Sure, the President has messed up his words during live interviews sometimes, but those “fumbles” have no effect on his work in the Oval Office. Competency goes far beyond what someone says, it is characterized by what a person does, and their actions and so far, President Biden’s actions have proven that he is fit to be President.

David Carlucci on Inflation & the Midterms | Fox News, October 24, 2022

There is no question that there are issues in the economy right now. Inflation is a global issue that not every country has countered as well including the United States. President Biden has made strides during his presidency, passing historical legislation towards our economy, the environment, and healthcare. Republicans on the other hand just play the blame game and plan on increasing the national deficit if they regain power in Congress.

David Carlucci on the Georgia Governor Race and Biden's Immigration Efforts | Fox News October 18, 2022

Due to our polarized political environment, voters already have their minds made up for them. This leads political superstars like Abrams and Kemp to attack each other in order to demobilize the other side. Right now, the Georgia governor race is neck-to-neck with both leading candidates at a one-point difference and the Libertarian nominee polling at 2%, meaning we could be seeing a run-off election in November.

David Carlucci on the Legislative Signing Process | California Today October 7, 2022

It was great to be invited onto California Today to explain the legislation signing process. Believe it or not, turning a bill into law is not a linear process. Rules vary state by state, but there are multiple tools at the hand of governors and state legislatures to implement or veto legislation aside from simply getting a bill passed and signed. Some states have rules for pocket vetoes, while California allows for unsigned bills to become implemented after a certain period of time.

David Carlucci on the Expansion of the Inflation Reduction Act | Fox News October 6, 2022

We are all in agreement that climate change is a rule issue with potentially devastating effects. The question now is how aggressively we should tackle it. The Inflation Reduction Act, although not a silver bullet for inflation, is a terrific foundation for addressing the environment, jobs, and health care.

David Carlucci on the Wisconsin & Pennsylvania Midterms | Faulkner Focus October 3, 2022

Although Republicans are moving the needle by doubling down on crime, they fail to recognize that the economy is still the number one issue for voters. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, canceling of student debt, Democrats have been proving to Americans that they have an action plan to fix the economy. At the end of the day, voters in states with close races like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are going to elect someone with a plan - not someone who just blames the President.

David Carlucci on the Fox News | Fox News October 1, 2022 

Looking at all 32 million eligible Latino voters as one group is a tremendous mistake when trying to make predictions. The community is far too diverse to say that Latinos are leaving the Democratic Party when looking at one state. Historical data has shown that Latino voters are strong Democrat supporters, especially after the Dobbs decision this summer. 

David Carlucci on the Faulkner Focus | Fox News September 23, 2022 

There is little that Congress and the President can do about inflation, but President Biden and the Democrats in Congress have done everything in their power to reduce it. There are no reports that say the Inflation Reduction Act will make inflation worse for the country. Instead, the law will have a dramatic effect on both the long-term prosperity of our economy and climate. 

David Carlucci on Raise the Age Legislation | NewsNation September 22, 2022 

This week I was on NewsNation discussing the importance of Raise the Age legislation for the New York criminal justice system. Raise the Age will grant 16 and 17-year-olds who commit crimes comprehensive treatment to deter them from breaking the law again. The number one way to increase recidivism is to lock up children. Confinement without support services does not lower the crime rate - it creates a vicious cycle. Raise the Age will ensure that New York's children will remain outside of the criminal justice system by focusing on treatment, not punishment.

David Carlucci on the Mar-a-Lago Investigation | Fox News September 20, 2022 

As the Mar-a-Lago investigation continues, one thing is clear: former President Donald Trump was in possession of documents owned by the National Archives and asked to return them. Trump can claim executive privilege and that he declassified the documents, but that right is qualified not absolute and declassification requires a specific process outlined in the Presidential Records Act. These documents were classified for a reason and could put the public at risk if placed in the wrong hands.

News12: Debating the issues – the home stretch of the mid-term elections | September 11, 2022

I was on News12 explaining the benefits of several major bills signed under President Biden. Whether it be student loans, Medicare, or climate - this one video is the one-stop place to learn about the historical legislation passed just this year. Thank you News12 for this great opportunity, especially with the Midterm Elections just two months away! 

David Carlucci on Stacey Abrams's Governor Campaign| Fox News September 8, 2022

I was on the Faulkner Focus yesterday discussing Stacey Abrams’s governor campaign in Georgia. Having the potential to become the first black woman elected into the governor’s mansion, Abrams has dealt with plenty of vilification, racism, and sexism throughout her campaign. Despite this, she has set herself as a key figure in Georgia and has a great likelihood to win the election come November. 

David Carlucci on Biden's Comments on MAGA Extremism| Fox News August 31, 2022

President Biden's speech was an attempt at reaching across the aisle and calling out a threat to our democracy, not to write off half of the country. His statements were purely about the MAGA ideology, an extremist movement with s a stranglehold on the GOP. President Biden is saying that it is the responsibility of everyone, Democrat, Independent, and Republican to stand up against MAGA extremism and preserve the sanctity of our nation. 

David Carlucci on Fox News | Fox News August 30, 2022

Prior to President Biden’s ‘Battle for the Soul of the Nation' speech, I was on Fox News clarifying the President’s language towards MAGA Republicans and Trump’s ideology. Biden is not demonizing half of the American electorate when he calls the MAGA movement “semi-fascist”. Instead, he is condemning the extreme few affixed on lies about the 2020 election and supporting the events on January 6th. President Biden is calling on all Americans, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike to push back on the extreme MAGA ideology.

David Carlucci on President Biden's Student Debt Plan | Fox News August 29, 2022

I was on Fox News yesterday discussing President Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness plan. Although the plan is not the fix-all solution for student loan debt, it is a step in the right direction. Over 60% of borrowers also receive Pell Grants from the federal government, meaning that they can get up to $20,000 through the plan. Even more so, 20 million borrowers will have all their debt forgiven. Yes, this is not universal debt forgiveness, but Biden is taking off the burden of so many Americans and following through on his campaign promises.

David Carlucci on the Mar-a-Lago Investigation | NewsNation August 28, 2022

It was a pleasure to be on NewsNation and express my thoughts on the FBI’s raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. Situations like these require one thing: clarity. With a polarizing figure like Donald Trump involved, conspiracy theories and assumptions are prone to flood public opinion. The American people need to be left in the loop as much as possible throughout the process in order to keep opinions reliant on the facts and for proper justice to be served. Hopefully, with a special master involved with the DOJ’s investigation, future proceedings will be transparent and clear.

David Carlucci on Florida Governor Race | NewsMax August 24, 2022

Ron DeSantis has proven one thing throughout his time as Governor of Florida: his influence. He has broken fundraising records for school board elections in order to infiltrate schools with the Trump ideology. But the Florida Governor race will be a referendum on Ron DeSantis and the Trump agenda. Charlie Christ is not the “woke” opponent that draws voters towards Governor DeSantis. Because of this, DeSantis might have to abandon his crusade against the “woke left” and move towards the center to secure more votes.

David Carlucci on the Reality of Crime Rates | Fox News August 19, 2022

Although it might be reported by the media that crime is soaring in states run by Democrats, the truth is that crime is an issue for both red and blue states. In fact, the crime rate in Florida is higher than that of New York! Even more so, the crime rate now pales in comparison to the recession in the 2000s and the 80s and 90s. Resolving crime continues to be a work in progress. From installing more security cameras to fixing the unfair justice system, and gun control, there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done within the country.

David Carlucci on the CDC Overhaul | Fox News August 18, 2022

It was great to talk about the overhaul within the CDC and the Inflation Reduction Act. Dr. Walensky deserves credit for being able to admit the mistakes made by the CDC during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Reflecting on the missteps under the Trump Administration, it is clear that the CDC needs reform to keep politics out of public health. Although the Inflation Reduction Act is not the cure-all solution to inflation, it is still a major tool for remedying it and many of the United States’s long-term issues. The Inflation Reduction Act is about a lot more than inflation: it is about affordable medicine, protecting the environment, and economic equity. Many worry that the Inflation Reduction Act is just a ploy to overtax the middle class - but that could not be farther from the truth. The IRA will allow for the IRS to meet the match of the corporate entities that have exploited our tax system for years on end, not tax the middle class.

David Carlucci on the Expansion of the IRS Under the Inflation Reduction Act | Fox News August 12, 2022

I was on Fox News discussing the expansion of the IRS under the Inflation Reduction Act. Expanding the IRS is necessary for the taxation issues created by modern, globalist corporations. The Inflation Reduction Act will simply create specialized forces to match these issues - not to tax the middle class. In fact, it is far more likely that middle-class families will face fewer audits due to the Inflation Reduction Act.

David Carlucci on the Faulkner Focus August 8, 2022

I had the opportunity to highlight the victories of President Biden & talk about how the focus should be on delivering results like passing the historic Inflation Reduction Act - not playing political theatre and hypothesizing on 2024.

David Carlucci on the Faulkner Focus July 26, 2022

Although it is true that most Democrats prefer some flawless, fictional candidate for 2024, the truth is that if President Biden runs for reelection, he will win - especially against Donald Trump. He is showing the American people what he can do about gas prices and inflation while the Republicans just play the blame game! But by 2024, the public will vote based on results, not pointed fingers.

David Carlucci on Speaker Pelosi's Trip to Taiwan July 23, 2022

President Biden is doing the right thing by walking the fine line between supporting Taiwan and also strengthening the U.S.'s strategic partnership with China. Especially following the Trump Presidency and the war in Ukraine, it is more important than ever for the United States to maintain a stable relationship with China. As Speaker Pelosi said, Taiwan's independence is up to Taiwan - not the United States.

David Carlucci on Political Personalities with Skye! 

Being on City & State's Political Personalities with Skye earlier this week was a pleasure. Watch us talk about the interesting political history of the old Tappan Zee Bridge, now named the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge. Once again, thank you Skye and City & State for welcoming me on your show! 

Click here to read the full story.

David Carlucci on the Faulkner Focus July 14, 2022

Although the Democrats are not performing well in the polls, things are even worse for the Republicans. Historically, the sitting President’s party always loses popularity around the midterms. Neck-to-neck polls are a clear indication that President Biden’s plan is working - and that the American people approve.

NewsNation Appearance July 7, 2022

We are very fortunate to have digital technology as a tool for criminal investigations. That being said, we cannot allow the court of public opinion to become judge, jury, and prosecutor for alleged crimes. You can never title someone guilty or innocent based solely on a soundless clip. We must ensure that justice is executed accurately through unbiased, thorough investigations - not online discussion of a single video. 

David Carlucci on Fox News Fourth of July 2022

Look at the historical data, the President’s party always takes a hit before the midterm elections. Biden’s approval ratings are nothing to worry about for the Democrats - Presidents Clinton and Obama had similar numbers at this point in their presidency. President Biden is doing the right thing by staying on track: fixing the economy, protecting abortion rights, and implementing stricter gun control. He is focused on what is best for Americans and not his political campaign!

David Carlucci on The Faulkner Focus June 28th, 2022

The President has limited resources when it comes to combatting global inflation and the price of gas. He has unclogged the ports around the country and asked Congress to suspend the gas tax. He has done what he can to support the United States and its allies worldwide.

David Carlucci on the Rebuttal with Dan Bongino June 25, 2022 

It seems that Dan Bongino and I can agree on one thing: President Biden's federal gas tax holiday is a great idea. The President's policy will help return money to working-class families suffering from global inflation and gas prices. Our consensus breaks on gun laws, however. Gun control works! State laws have been shown to directly impact the decrease of violence in a city. The Supreme Court's recent ruling which struck down a 110 New York concealed carry law will only make New York and all other affected states more dangerous.

June 23, 2022: President Biden's Federal Gas Holiday 

President Biden’s federal gas holiday is more than just a gimmick for the midterm elections. Rather, it is one of the few tools the President and Congress have to combat global inflation accelerated by Putin’s war with Ukraine. The temporary pause on gas taxes for the summer months will grant Americans some relief at the pump.

David Carlucci on the Faulkner Focus: Donald Trump is a Gift to the Democrats! 

Republicans have every right to be excited for the midterms, but they neglect to notice how much of a gift for the Democrats Donald Trump will be in 2024. Look at the January 6th trial and Trump’s actions and inactions on that day; not to mention his party’s unpopular stances on gun control and women’s rights. For Republicans to think that the 2024 Election is a slam dunk is absurd!  

David Carlucci on Fox News June 9, 2022

The arrest of an armed man outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s home makes it more clear than ever that the extremist rhetoric on both sides must end. The language from both Republican and Democrat leaders has plagued our political environment into one where individuals use violence and fear as means of persuasion. I condemn the protests outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s home, but there is no reason to charge those who displayed peaceful protest. There is a clear line between civil protesting and violent intimidation. I hope that Congress passes the bipartisan Supreme Court Police Parity Act to ensure the safety of all Supreme Court Justices, their staff, and their families.

David Carlucci on Fox News June 6, 2022

Globally and domestically, there are a multitude of factors contributing to inflation. It is wrong to blame a singular President - both Presidents Trump and Biden overstimulated the economy during the COVID-19 Pandemic. If they didn't stimulate the economy, we would be in even worse shape. President Biden's work especially has pointed us towards long-term stability and prosperity!

Fox News Appearance May 31, 2022

I was as on Fox News Media opposing New York State’s new redistricting lines! The new map has the potential to spring a crisis of infighting within the Democratic Party and an unfair Republican advantage. We cannot let this map degrade the political process for New York Democrats!

David Carlucci on the Faulkner Focus

President Biden will do everything he can to show the people that he is in it to win it for 2024. The American people care most about seeing results, and that is what Biden does best. If the Democrats can overcome gridlock and pass legislation that combats the major issues like inflation and crime rates, we can count even more on a Biden victory in 2024! 

Talking Redistricting on the Faulkner Focus

I was on Fox News Media opposing New York State’s new redistricting lines! The new map has the potential to spring a crisis of infighting within the Democratic Party and an unfair Republican advantage. We cannot let this map degrade the political process for New York Democrats!

David Carlucci Podcast Appearance

David Carlucci on the Ernie Brown Podcast April, 2022

David Carlucci on Fox News at Night March 15, 2022

Although gas prices have been increasing steadily since the COVID-19 Pandemic, Putin's invasion of Ukraine has exasperated inflation. This situation is a prime example of why the United States needs to move towards energy independence!